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I completed two artist’s residencies at hospices , one at St Elisabeth Hospice, Ipswich in 2011 and the second at Thorpe Hall Hospice in Peterborough in 2015. The first resulted in a series of acrylic paintings and a sound Installation using individual memories. The second commission involved researching Peterborough’s historic photographic collections and creating a series of photographs recording Thorpe Hall, a seventeenth Century house.


The residency became an exploration of memory, involving carers, patients and staff at the hospice. Having collected threads of memory, nearly all based in the country and town nearby. I made a series go Acrylic paintings go two hand holding each other-as this was the most song memory, that was recounted. Other memories of the Sea and Fields nearby, flowers in gardens, loved ones faces - became a sound piece that played on a loop.


The commission for the Sue Ryder Hospice at Thorpe Hall began in January 2015.  The commission was set up to record and celebrate the Hospice moving from the 400 year old Thorpe Hall site to a new facility. The brief was to create images for the new Hospice that would connect with its past and to design images for Thorpe Hall to be used in its new role as a resource for meetings and training for the Hospice and for other Peterborough health and community groups.

The photographic work used both old photographs of the surrounding area including Peterborough, as well as creating new photographs from the architectural elements of Thorpe Hall, both its building and its grounds.

The images, both single and montage, were designed to be displayed in the main reception rooms and corridors of the Hospice, and the patient rooms. Additionally, historic montage images were printed on folding screens to act as room dividers for groups using Thorpe Hall as a resource.

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